UPS 747 departing KSDF

I’ve been fascinated with flying and airplanes for as long as I can remember. Living within 30 minutes of a large international airport gives me plenty of opportunities to photograph planes. With the help of arriving and departing schedules online, finding the exact plane you want to photograph is a snap.

Where I live, the larger planes like the 747 in today’s photo, tend to come from Alaska and land in the very early morning hours. Only on rare occasions do these monsters land during daylight hours. And prior to this picture, I had never seen one depart. One late January day, I was lucky enough to catch a departing 747 right before dust. And you know what that means, good light!

This one was added to the schedule late and wasn’t on our list of planes departing. From our shooting location I happened to notice the lights on top of a parked 747 blinking. Filled with excitement, I realized I was about to get the chance to not only photograph a plane I’ve wanted to shoot for ages, but I was also going to get it in excellent light!

I was so nervous I bet I took two dozen frames of this guy leaving KSDF. This one was my favorite of the series.

Fly Away A 747 departing KSDF (click for larger view)